Learn How To Keep Up To $12,000 + 
Of Extra Equity From 
The Sale Of Your Property
That's equity most sellers unknowingly leave behind.
To help you keep hold of it we've put together a webinar. 
(NO. IT'S NOT FREE. You do you need to give your email address in return. 
Which we will respect. And you can always unsubscribe at anytime) 
Here's What We Cover:
 0.37 - Why most sellers leave equity behind.
 1.37 - A formula to never forget.
 3.46 - Two categories of home sellers.
 4.53 - Scurvy & how it relates to Real Estate.
 6.52 - The 'Knowledge Gap'.
 7.41 - False beliefs stripping sellers of equity.
 8.36 - What savvy sellers focus on.
 8.58 - There's only 3 things that matter.
 9.48 -Biggest losses suffered by home sellers. 
 10.42 - Six step process to maximise price.
 10.52 - The truth about commissions.
 11.46 - The real sales job in real estate.
 13.28 - Genuine sellers subsidising non-sellers.
 14.50 - The key question to ask yourself.
 15.23 - Why a discount model is not the answer.
 15.23 -Breakthrough for keeping more equity.
 16.48 - The critical understanding.
 17.41 - Five benefits of thinking differently .
 18.58 - Who is this model most suitable for?
 19.47 - How the process works - steps involved.
 21.31 - Who is this model NOT for?.
We understand you may be weary, especially considering our industry's reputation. You're not alone. As you can see below, Peter was too.
But this is different. We're different. And here's at least two things we can say with certainty:
1. The inside secrets shared in this webinar are scarce. 

You definitely won't learn them from traditional agents. So as the saying goes - "If it doesn't open your eyes... we'll eat our hat"
2. Bottom Line: It works. 

It's helped 200+ sellers combined keep more than $1,000,000 in extra equity (they otherwise wouldn't have kept). 200 clients - all with similar results - that's no fluke. So what do they know that the others don't?

"We were a bit sceptical at the start but are now 110% behind Restate. A new model that other real estate agents should grab hold of. We saved $6,109."
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