from the sale of your property.
This seminar is to help you keep more of your equity where it belongs.
Retail: $395 | Online Price: $195
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So at least your eyes will be open to how that traditional approach can leave you with thousands less than you should've.
You'll also learn how to instantly reduce traditional commissions by up 25%.
No matter where you live, 
or what kind of property you're selling...
Ending up with the most
comes down to achieving 3 things:
Great value for money:

"We're first time home sellers, I found the course eye opening and inspiring. It's given me much more of an idea about pricing my home and how to handle negotiations, marketing, questioning the current model, and I'm excited about discussing the proposed model with my local real estate agent." - Sophie Febery

1. Avoid Costly Mistakes & Traps.
This is about protecting your equity from anything that needlessly reduces your sale price, or increases your selling costs. It's best to simply avoid them in the first place. But to do that, you need to be aware of them. Which is why, like in many life situations, we choose to engage the services of an expert. A professional guiding us through the mine field, ensuring our best interests are protected.
The Problem:
The real estate industry NOT a Profession. It's a 'Sales Industry'. It's built on a 'Commission-only Business Model - with a 'Glengarry Glen Ross' type Sales Culture. 

Sadly, many of mistakes & traps - that cause you the biggest losses - are laid by the same industry that is supposed to be serving you. 

So the first module focusses on levelling the playing field. Carl pulls back the curtain, opening your eyes to how the industry works against you.
2. Maximise Your Sale Price.
Once your property is sold, it's Sold. You can never gain another dollar from it. So achieving the highest sale price possible must be is a major priority. 
The Problem:
A lot of the systems, tactics & gimmicks used by the industry (to secure a commission), often reduce your final sale price. 

In the second module Carl takes you through what's really important. The proven steps (you can control) to ensure you don't undersell & give yourself the best chance of extracting a premium price.
3. Minimise Your Selling Expenses.
Once you've Avoided Mistakes and Maximised Your Sale Price, the only other way to increase what's left in your hand, is to reduce your selling expenses.
The Problem:
Traditional commissions are both 'bundled' and based on the value of your property - rather than the actual work needed on your behalf. Which firstly removes your power of choice, along with your ability to reduce your selling costs - with your own smart decisions and actions. 

Discounting that already broken model is NOT the answer.  That only serves to throw fuel on the first problem. 

Module three shares a breakthrough solution.  Showing how you can take control of your sale and (if you want), engage an agent on your terms - in a way that's not only fairer, but much more efficient for both of you. Leaving substantially more in your pocket.
Bottom Line:
While the status quo may work for the industry...

It makes it IMPOSSIBLE for YOU to achieve all 3 steps at the same time. 

Meaning while the industry takes a large chunk of your equity - you walk away with thousands less in your pocket than you could’ve. 
We vowed to fix all that...
With the help of over 200 pioneering clients, we’ve tested a smarter model against that traditional one. And almost every single time it’s out performed it - on the metric that counts: 
Dollars left in your pocket.
Now we want to share it with you...
So even if you don't live in our local market, you can still benefit from this knowledge... 
Empowering you to help yourself... 
So you can also beat the system & keep thousands more of your equity where it belongs.
Carl Slade
Founder of Restate
A 3rd generation agent who, after 25yrs personal experience, woke up to how the entrenched commission-driven business model is broken - needlessly striping clients of equity. So he vowed to fix it - founding Restate  & developing a new approach based on a 'Professional Service' model. Since then with the help of over 200 clients Carl & his team have tested it. And almost every single time it’s outperformed the status quo on the metric that counts - $$ left in our clients pocket. Now we're sharing it with the world. So even home-sellers outside of our market area can help themselves with this knowledge.
This course is a MUST...

"Carl exposes the truth about the real estate industry which I'm sure it would prefer remain hidden!... His course provides compelling insight and practical tips to empower consumers to demand change from an outdated industry so it can hopefully better serve both consumers and the agents who work for them.

Throughout the course, Carl bravely challenges the traditional industry and empowers consumers to take charge of the process, know what to expect and how to find a great agent. His insight--and what I've learned myself as a Realtor in the US--would have been incredibly beneficial to know when I was the client moving throughout the US and internationally. Any one of his many tips will more than cover the cost--however, his brilliant suggestion regarding agent referral fees was my absolute favourite!

This course is a MUST before you even think about selling your next home!" - Lindy Chapman

"The result speaks for itself with our home selling for $11,000 over asking price and saving $4,800 on our fees" - Jess & Dan

"The result speaks for itself with our home selling for $11,000 over asking price and saving $4,800 on our fees"

"Not only did we get $53,000 more than we were happy to accept, 
Restate saved us close to $7,000 in fees." - Beryl & Bob

"The result speaks for itself with our home selling for $11,000 over asking price and saving $4,800 on our fees"
"If you don't end up thousands of dollars better off as a result of this Seminar. We'll give you your money back."
What you'll learn...

How you hold the ultimate power in real estate - not the agents.

 The false beliefs holding sellers back from banking the most. 

 How the traditional model needlessly strips so much of your equity. 

 The truth about ‘Free Market Appraisals’ and the ‘Value’ of your property. 

 The truth about ‘Buyers’ and ‘Advertising’ - how it can damage your property’s value. 

 How the typical style of negotiation is the the area of the biggest ‘Hidden Losses’ for sellers. Often helping the buyers get your property for less - while the salesperson still pockets their commission. 

✓ One simple tip to immediately reduce your commission payable to a traditional agent by up to 25% (Thats an instant $2k - $5k+ straight to your bottom line). 

 How traditional commissions work, why they need to be so high & what you're paying for.

In the second module he steps you through how to maximise your sale price:

 The all important ‘Pre-market Preparation’.

 Getting the right ‘Strategy’ or “game Plan’ in place. 

 Choosing the right 'Method Of Sale'.

 What is most important once you’re ‘On The Market'.

Attracting the best buyers with 'Smart Marketing'. 

 Negotiation strategies to ensure you don’t leave equity on the table. 

 Trouble shooting - Why you home is not selling and what to do about it.

The third module is focussed on how you can significantly reduce you selling expenses. 
Increasing what’s left in your hand.
By the end of this course you'll walk away with the knowledge and confidence to influence the outcome of you own sale - in a way that predictably leaves your with more in your pocket.
What else do you get?

 Downloadable resources including a no-nonsense ebook.

 Access to a Discussion / Q&A forum - where you can ask specific questions. 

 And (if you want) a free one-on-one strategy call. 

How do I access this seminar?
It's an "On-demand" Seminar. So you can access at any time. 
Free Acess: After creating your user login you'll be taken directly into the training portal - with access to the Introduction and first module. You can upgrade to the full course at any time. If not - at the very least your eyes will be open. 

Full Program:  After creating your login - you will be taken to the checkout. Once your payment is submitted you will gain instant access to all 3 Modules + Resources + Discussion Forum + One-On-One Consultation call. 
Who is this seminar for?
Anybody interested in keeping the most when selling a property. 
Home-sellers who are over watching such a large chunk of their equity disappear in commissions. 
Who want transparent choices and more control over the process. Who want to extract every last dollar possible from the sale of their property.

And Real estate agents who are over the self-serving sales culture. Who genuinely care about adding value to their clients. Who want to be a part of elevating our industry to the respected profession both consumers and agents deserve.
Why this seminar and why now ?
Because improving our industry starts with empowering you. 
Our ultimate goal is to help positively change our industry for the benefit of you and ethical agents. But the it's so entrenched - it's never going to change it's ways as long as you keep putting up with it in it's current form. 

By empowering you we hope to spark a revolution of sorts. Giving you the knowledge & confidence to stand up to the status quo & demand it serves your better... otherwise this will help you sell it yourself.

Why This Seminar Is Unique.
It's different from all the typical industry propagandaSimply because it's NOT a 'Sales Pitch'. It's NOT about trying to convince you to list your property with us. Because chances are you don't own a property in our local area anyway. 

Instead it's designed to empower you. 
With no agenda other than helping you to help yourself. You are paying for genuine advice, knowledge, and actionable steps you can follow to keep more of your equity where it belongs. You can take this knowledge gained and do what ever you wish with it - with no obligation to us what-so-ever. 

Regardless of what market you are in, which agent you choose to represent you, and even if sell your property yourself... we know this will help end up thousands - often tens of thousands of dollars better off from the sale of your property. 

To show we are genuine about that statement, here's our Guarantee:

If you don't end up thousands of dollars better off as a result of this seminar, we'll give you your money back.

Because if this doesn't help you... then we'll be the first to say we don't deserve to keep your money. On the other hand... If it does help you significantly increase what's left in your hand... then you will feel like you've made a great investment. And we'll all be happy.
Here's a peek at what we cover in the training:
Dale & Tina
"This new system of selling has proven to be a fantastic concept & complete success for us."
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